Armando Rancano


  (760) 534-8387

As a former Sales and Customer Service Executive, Armando has 30 years of corporate and consumer negotiation experience. Clients who sell or buy benefit from Armando's ability to objectively arrive at fair prices that meet financial goals on all sides.

His experience marketing products and services expedites the selling process, significantly shortening the time from listings to offers. He helps to quickly assess property strengths and profile the buyers most likely to be interested in specific listings. Using social media and every technology currently available, he knows how to efficiently and effectively target communication to individual buyers.

The buying process benefits from a thorough assessment of client needs. It helps to narrow choices and saves viewing time on the road. Armando's interviewing expertise helps to thoroughly understand client needs to a level rarely seen in real estate practices. Clients appreciate realtors who understand them. Armando's mantra consists of three words: "Help me understand."

Armando brings a focus on the client experience, and the ability to find buyers even during times of low activity. Most importantly, Armando borrows on years of customer service experience to instill the practice with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and the importance of exceeding customer expectations.