Jim Lundin


  (760) 413-5207

Jim Lundin became a realtor following 20 years doing home inspections, construction and remodeling. He is uniquely qualified to help buyers choose the right home for their needs, and assist sellers in identifying property strengths that make it easier to find buyers for listed properties.

Searching for a new home can be a stressful time but Jim knows how to make it a fun adventure that stays focused on the goal of finding properties that can meet changing needs at different stages of our lives.

Before becoming a realtor, Jim's passion for residential architecture led him to spend weekends seeing Open Houses for some fifteen years. As a result, he developed a familiarity with Palm Springs real estate that few other realtors can match, and uses the knowledge to expedite matching properties with needs.


In addition, his experience as a home inspector makes it easier to help clients think through the pros and cons of properties and more easily anticipate what could become unwanted surprises after purchases. His keen eye helps clients make more informed choices.

Jim looks forward to the satisfaction of meeting client needs. His ability to identify positives as well as potential issues that are easily missed makes him an invaluable part of the team.